Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This summer we have had greenfinches [Carduelis chloris , Verdier d'Europe] , nesting in the trees in our street.
At dawn and dusk the male greenfinch sings at the top of the tree - he is really pretty loud.
I've been taking quite a few photos of him every evening but sometimes there just isn't enough light .

Luckily the greenfinch started singing earlier the other day so the photos turned out quite well.
I hope our neighbours across the street don't think I'm spying on them with my camera.

This particular greenfinch is a strong acid yellow-green colour- others are more green toned and females have a duller plumage.
He is quite a smart looking fellow and is looking more groomed and sleek now that the brood have left the nest. Birds often get very dishevelled when feeding you as they have less time for grooming and they also tend to eat less than usual.

He was peering up at some yellow legged gulls on a ledge here. He seems to be very wary of gulls , and for good reason as they are quite happy to snatch up a smaller bird to feed their own young.

This is a half grown baby greenfinch waiting to be fed. For a couple of weeks he spent quite a lot of time squeaking and calling to his parents at the top of the tree. Apparently the male greenfinches will continue to feed youngsters who have left the nest , even when the female is sitting on the nest with another brood .
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