Sunday, December 10, 2006

Photo Friday- Fresh as a daisy

A common daisy [ Bellis perennis] and a male common blue butterfly [Polyommatus icarus].

The name daisy is supposed to come from the Anglo saxon dæges eage which means 'day's eye'.

Daisies close their petals at night and open them again in the morning after a good night's sleep leading to the idiom, 'fresh as a daisy .'

This daisy has pure white petals but some plants have a dusting of pink on the edges of the petals. As a child, I used to spend hours making daisy chains and daisy bracelets and daisy crowns - the daisy chains would wilt fairly quickly, but most of the fun was in making the chains as long chains possible.

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Atyllah said...

There's magic in the simple jewels of nature.
Never managed to work out how to make a daisy chain, despite numerous ill-fated attempts.

isay said...

wow! i haven't tried making a daisy chain.

lovely photo as usual!

Alison Ashwell said...

I think the secret to daisy chains is having finger nails which are neither too short or too long.

You use your nail to cut a small slit in the stem and then poke the next daisy head through. Also , daisys with long, fat stems are good for the early chains as they are easier to fiddle with.