Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've been taking quite a few photos of Gandalf the cat.

He hasn't had the best week of his life since he had to be neutered and have an electronic chip inserted the other day.

When I took him to the vets he was quite upset and it occurred to me later that he thought he was being given away to a new home as his last trip outside had been when we adopted him. [He is a 100% appartment cat]

He was really pleased to see me when I went back for him in the afternoon and he spent several hours just clutching my hand with his paws as he sat quietly on the couch.
After the first 12 hours or so he had perked up considerably and now 5 days later he is just about back to normal and is galloping around the house like a race horse once again.

He isn't a 100% cooperative photographic model , especially for macro shots, but he will sometimes sit and look at me suspiciously for a while before either batting at the lens with his paw or attempting to lick it.

His eyes are quite fascinating in close up -a mixture of amber yellow and green near the pupil.

His little pink nose fascinates me-and his slightly food stained mouth.
I fiddled with this photo to turn it to black and white- i thought he looked a bit like a Silent Film Idol in this pose.

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natural attrill said...

He is adorable, I really like cats and he looks so sweet.
My fav photo is the nose, I think it's really funny!

S.Hamid said...

Ohhh ...! she is so so so sweet
my favorite pic is the eye..