Sunday, February 11, 2007

Assorted skies

I've taken quite a lot of sky photos recently- I never tire of the sky since the cloud formations and colours can be so different and dramatic.

The clouds in the next two photos look painted, I think.

Clouds building up before a storm and a few birds flying home.

Some thick black clouds contrasting with fluffy shell pink ones.

An orange striped sky

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Miss Eagle said...

Gorgeous colours, Alison. The top photos have particularly soft colours. The romance of the skies over France, eh?

natural attrill said...

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful!! You might like these paintings:

I bought some of her work printed as cards, the skies and seascapes are wonderful (I think anyway)


bluevicar said...


Those are really beautiful photographs! Thanks for posting them. I love the skies in France too.

You know, I just realized that I forgot to put a link to your site when you made a jotting at Halloween. I'm sorry. I'll add it now.

Meilleurs voeux!!

isay said...

amazing colors and pictures! i am enjoying looking at them!

isay said...
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Betty C. said...

It seems skies are somehow more beautiful in France -- do you get that feeling, too?