Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo Friday-purity

In western countries , brides traditionally wear white on their wedding day as a symbol of purity.
The tradition only dates back to Victorian times, when the white wedding dress was popularised by Queen Victoria.

This particular bride was photographed yesterday-one of 5 brides that we saw in Parc Phoenix. Its obviously a popular place to have your wedding photographs taken because of the beautiful floral displays, fountains, and artificial lake.

The wedding photographer was organizing some photos with a fountain as backdrop and was busy talking to the groom while the bride arranged herself on the wall. It was quite an awkward-looking climb onto the side of the fountain in a long flouncy dress.
I thought this particular photo made the bride look like she was meeting a host of brides forming themselves out of water, like an enchantment from a fairy tale.

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radiogirl said...

What a FANTASTIC photograph. It does look enchanting -- could spin a thousand tales.

natural attrill said...

She does look like she should be part of the fountain!

marion said...

Lol. I will now never be able to look at another bride without thinking that they are water turned to flesh ;-) Great unusual photo.