Friday, July 06, 2007

Space invaders

When we moved to Nice last year, i noticed that there was a lot of interesting graffiti- stenciled pieces that I've previously blogged about here, stickers with different characters and some mosaic graffiti of space invaders..

I've been trying to take photos of the mosaic graffiti as I've come across it but there have been a few times that I've run out of battery power-and I've never managed to find some of the pieces again. I will just have to keep a look out.

I googled space invader graffiti and discovered that a French street artist called Invader started an art project of 'invading various cities round the world around the world, and i thought for a while that i'd found the artist responsible for the mosaic graffiti in Nice.
However, it turned out that the Nice or Saint Paul de Vence space invaders weren't on the list of cites that Invader had invaded.

The FAQ on Invader's site explains that there have been imitators and gives more info about the art project.So the mosaic graffiti artist in this area is still a mystery person or group.

This is the same space invader zoomed in to see more detail. It was maybe 15 feet up -so the artist would have needed a ladder to reach that part of the wall.
This space invader is either unfinished or was partially chipped off-at least all the other ones I've seen have rectangular backgrounds.
It's in Cours Saleya in the heart of Nice Old Town.

I took this photo and forgot which small street in Old Nice , I'd taken it. I'd been in a rush and just managed to take the photo before everyone else i was with disappeared into the distance.

The streets of old Nice are like a maze. I know the basic layout and can find my way around but there are quite a few streets that look similar and I haven't got the street names down pat yet.
This one was above a shop or cafe, so reasonably high up.
I spotted this space invader earlier this week when i visited Saint Paul de Vence. It's on a building across from the bus stop going back to Nice

I didn't see any other space invaders when i was wandering round, but then I only noticed this one just before i left. Maybe , I'll see some more next time.

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Miss Eagle said...

Alison, Melbourne is regarded as the graffiti capital of Australia. I, too, have photographed and posted at The Trad Pad on the topic. I haven't seen mosaic graffiti though - so I will be on the look out.

Blessings and bliss

Luna said...

That is so cool! Kind of like a "Where's Waldo" or Da Vinci Code Hunt. So right up my ally. I wish we had someone doing something like that here in Arizona. Thank you for stopping by my photoblog :D

Cathy said...

These are great, but I also wanted to say how much I like your avatar - really simple, really effective and cute!

Lindystar said...

Oh!! I love it! What a crazy cool thing to happen upon. And for real it does look like atari graphics. How funny. Nice pictures btw!

natural attrill said...

I like your new banner, but where is the summer? it's raining all the time, here in the UK anyway.

radiogirl said...

That's terrific.