Sunday, February 10, 2008

photo friday - 'What Is That?'

I've taken a few 'What Is That?' photos over the years. Mostly , I've managed to figure out what i've photographed but I haven't had any luck with this alien-looking plant.

The seedpods were about the size of a mango, so reasonably big , and the whole plant looked so strange that we started calling it a triffid without really noticing.

As the seedpods ripen they seem to split and release hundreds of black seeds carried on hairy parachutes.
I've spent some time looking at seed catalogues but still have no idea what this plant is.

This is an example of Teabagus arborealis -the tree dwelling tea bag. Its something that often provokes a 'What Is That?' response when out in the countryside -but further examination reveals it to be an ordinary teabag that some idiot has thrown up into the branches, rather than taking their rubbish home.

Its particularly annoying because they must be carrying a vacuum flask and cup around with them and a used tea bag isn't exactly heavy.


marion said...

no idea what the plant is, though it is certainly an interesting looking thing. I absoulutely LOVE the mole!!!!!

swine said...

teabagus. nice.

Magpie Magic said...

What and interesting looking plant. At first I thought it was a courgette plant, it looked a bit like the courgette flower, however, it obviously isn't. From the shape of the leaves I wonder if it is some sort of bean? Might be worth checking under beans.