Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photo Friday-difficult shot

I spent a couple of hours in Parc Phoenix recently. Parc Phoenix is a sort of botanic gardens cum animal park with a huge lake for water birds. Most of the birds are varieties of duck but there are a few black swans and some pelicans.

I am quite fascinated by pelicans so I try and photograph them when I visit. Its not always easy to get decent shots because its hard to properly frame them -they are really big, odd-shaped birds.

I started photographing this one when it suddenly bolted out of the water.

I ran backwards up the slope as the pelican rushed at me with its huge wings outstretched. I thought I must have annoyed it by taking photos.
I think Pelicans have a close resemblance to pterodactyls - so there it was a strangely freaky experience having one running towards me.

The pelican veered off past me and i discovered that I hadn't been its target...
...the pelican had spotted a potential mate.

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Magpie Magic said...

Cool picture and a lucky escape! Love the last picture. Would work perfectly as a line drawing for a Valentines card. The heart shape their heads/beaks make is so lovely.