Sunday, July 13, 2008

Illustration Friday- foggy

A couple of months back I saw some wonderful fog rolling over some hills with skeletal trees and lots of rooks and crows flying through the mist like the start of a creepy ghost film. .
Unfortunately , I was in a taxi on the way to an airport at the time and wasn't able to take a photo.

When I saw the topic was 'foggy', I thought I would do something simple based on the image in my minds eye -basically a skeletal tree, the moon and a magpie swirled around with fog but I quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn't very good at painting fog and decided to do something else.

The something else , I decided on was Count Dracula - he always seems to be wandering around up to his knees in fog.

I wasn't sure what the Count would be doing in the fog but as I was sketching his ears, I realised they reminded me of chihuahua ears.

I thought that a celebrity like Count Dracula would be swept up in the craze for teeny, tiny chihuahuas. Of course, he would have to carry his little dog everywhere or it would be constantly lost in the fog by his feet. I expect it would get plenty of exercise running around the corridors of Castle Dracula though.

Once I was happy with the Count and his mini dog , Titan, I fiddled some more with the magpie image. Its a lot better than it was but I think painting fog isn't my strong point. Maybe i just need practise.


Magpie Magic said...

I like both paintings. The dracula is fun and I love the idea of him being a celebrity and carrying his little dog around with him everywhere. LOL

The magpie in the tree is good too, however, I can see why you wouldn't be quite happy. Have you tried adding a slightly golden glow to the fog? Quite often the fog has a glow either a sort of luminescent blue/green or a golden glow, depending on time of day. However with the blue background I'd try the golden hue.

Nicola said...

Both these images are brilliant!

Roberta said...

I like them both! I was thinking along the lines of Dracula too!!

maria antunes said...

Lovely Illo. Cute dog. :)

Shannon Melville said...

You have a very good imagination! i think your Count Dracula is cute and funny and I like how you imagined him with chiuhawa dogs and how they would run around his castle! I don't think you should be so hard on yourself for the tree because I think it works really well and the fog looks just right!

Gai said...

very effective fog on both pictures. love it.

Loni Edwards said...

These are both excellent! Nice job!