Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photo Friday- self portrait

My kids thought taking a self portrait was an incredibly emo thing to do and I was told a cell phone camera would be much more appropriate for the task. I hate cell phone cameras , I'm always taking photos of the inside of my bag by accident, so I had to make do with my normal camera.

I took quite a few completely hideous photos before deciding to use a mirror for a 'through the looking glass look'. I tried a lot of different approaches but both kids assure me that this one looks most like me in real life.

The others were somewhere on a continuum from axe murder through passport/mugshot photo to living dead. Some of them looked interesting and suitable to me but I was told they were too embarrassing for teenagers and strangers to deal with.


Fre said...

Nice self portrait, this is mine :

marion said...

Nice photo and actually looks like you! - though axe murderer/Myra Hindleyesque ones are always more entertaining for others ;-)

Magpie Magic said...

LOL Love your kids' comments.

This does look like you. Would love to see the others... just out of scientific interest, of course. ROFL

Sue said...

It's a nice mugshot, but I'd have liked to see the others too, if only to make me feel better! LOL! All pictures of me are either of the Bader-Meinhof sort or Startled Sloth!

natural attrill said...

Nice to see you! and fab photo too.

bluevicar said...

Great to see you...just as I remember!

It is getting close to Halloween and I recall that it was just after that day of extravagant costumes a few years ago in Antibes that we met. seems like long ago now!

Hope all well. K (my daughter) continues with her art and is loving it!

Meilleurs voeux!!