Thursday, January 26, 2006

Frozen Antibes

It was bitterly cold this morning - even though there was a great deal of cloud before the sun rose. Usually cloud cover seems to raise the temperature , but not this morning.

There was even a frost, so i managed to get some photos of frosty grass and leaves before the sun rose and melted the ice.

Some of the leaves looked as though they had been dipped in icing sugar, the frosty edging was so delicate.

A think layer of frost over a fallen leaf
A delicate edging to a heart shape leaf

Lost of plants have hairs on their leaves and stems. The frost made some interesting patterns by clumping the hairs tgogether.The ice made some hairs stand out due to the mini icicles
Zoomed in on the hairy stem - it had a barbed wire or tinsel look- but within a few minutes the sun had risen and the ice started to melt.

The temperatures have stayed low and there is a lot of snow around. In fact the schoolkids were sent home early today in case they got cut off.

More snow, frost and sleety rain is forecast for tomorrow - normally January here is bright and sunny though very cold at night or in the shade.

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kay susan said...

We had a frosty morning here in Eastbourne yesterday. Lovely photos.

Jonathan Beckett said...

Great photos. It's been dipping below zero right across the southeast of England for the last few nights - we had to go into London early a couple of days ago, and it was -4.

Marsha said...

And we complain when the temperature goes down to 48 here in Albuquerque. Actually those pictures are very lovely.

prying1 said...

Really great pics. Thanks for sharing them.

isay said...

i love all these pictures

arvindh said...

You have some superb photographs -exp the frost on leaves pics! Very impressive!

Alison Ashwell said...

Thanks for the compliments- I'm actually hoping that the weather turns cold again and that we get the snow we were promised.

I think my fascination for frost comes from being a child and seeing the frost patterned windows.