Monday, January 09, 2006


Last month I was sitting outside the the railway station having a coffee just after sunrise.
The sun was hidden behind some buildings and the sky was cloudy and morose looking.

Then suddenly the world was filled with bright golden light, as the sun shone through the gaps and lit up like a fireball.
I grabbed my camera from my bag and took the following photo. It was really difficult to see becuase the light was so intense plus it was reflecting off the polished aluminium tables right into our eyes. Even when not looking directly at the sun, the after images lasted for a long while.

Today's sunrise wasn't quite as dramatic but it was still impressive.
There is something really amazing about the peach coloured light just before the sun is half visible.

This is looking towards the old town, Vieil Antibes , sun just coming out over the red tiled roofs.
A few minutes later and the sun is 3/4 visible.

The full power of the sun.

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Miss Eagle said...


catnapping said...

my favorite is when the sun is just spreading his light on that gorgeous pink sky!

marion said...

Winter sunrises can be spectacular and you have certainly captured a beautiful one here.