Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Illustration Friday- chair

The topic this week is 'chair'.
We are busy packing boxes for moving so i didn't have a great deal of time to work on anything. However i decided that i woudl have ago at painting my daughter's computer chair in the style of van Gogh's famous chair drawings and paintngs.

Its vaguely based on the chair and pipe painting with a box of onions in the background.

Since I'm allergic to onions and don't smoke, I've used a mini vase of bamboo twigs and a cell phone which are much more me. I've also used the patterned floor tiles [probably c1930] from this house instead of the plain terracotta tiles from the original.

It was pretty difficult using someone elses's perspectives and drawing style and i don't think i have quite managed what i wanted to do - but at least i have managed to finish it.

I wish I had found this much better image of the chair with pipe before starting the painting as that would have helped with getting the paint strokes right rather than going from memory

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mer said...

i really like this. innovative. very nice tile pattern, too.

Toni said...

I think you did an excellant job. It's hard to paint like someone else

carla said...

I like the flat look of this and the use of pattern. It feels like there's motion in the still life!

steve said...

Yeah--this is very good. The pattern really makes it--it seems to make that chair stand out more.

marion said...

I once had a similar idea and painted "wheatfield with pylons" amzing looking at your chair what a difference actually being able to paint makes to such an exercise!

I particularly like the tiles.

Wil said...

interesting work, very bright.

isay said...

i love the color of the chair!