Sunday, February 12, 2006

spiders and boxes

We have finally given up the keys to the old flat and moved in to the new one in Nice.

Things did not go to plan and our carefully organised overlap to minimise disruption to web access and phones didn't work - best laid plans or mice and men etc.

We were also without electricity and gas for light, cooking, hot water and heating for several days -which ended up being good fun as we huddled round candles and talked and laughed at night.

Boxes and bags are still all over the house and need to be unpacked and so many things seem to have been put in boxes that were labeled somewhat inaccurately so we have have lost track the kettle and toaster among other things.

One thing that we seem to have brought with us from the other house are a few spiders, probably because some boxes were stored in the cellar for a while before moving.

The photos are of a large spider we found when we were clearing out the cellar - though this one did not end up moving with us.
The spider was inside a sports bag
The abdomen patterns reminded me of polished walnut wood.

An action shot as the spider ran across the fabric

Some photos

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kay susan said...

I expect spiders to be hairy - I REALLY don't like the look of this one!

marion said...

I like this spider. Its body makes me think of a polished sea shell!

Anonymous said...

FYI ,That apperas to be a male,to the black widow..............UUUUUUmMMMMMM