Sunday, May 14, 2006

Photo Friday - masterpiece

I couldn't decide what to post for the photo friday-masterpiece challenge until i remembered that i'd taken photos of the 'Diana Fountain' in Hyde Park.

Its more formally known as the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and its a really interesting but controversial public artwork.

I must admit that i hadn't intended to visit the fountain before we stumbled across it. It seemed like a very unimpressive and even boring fountain from the articles and photos i'd seen.

Even as we walked towards the fountain, it looked pretty uninspiring. At first, I thought it was a circular or oval path as the water is not very visible from a distance and i had been busy taking photos of the birds, frosty leaves and squirrels and must have missed the signposts.

Once inside the gates it still didn't look like much -but its something that has to be seen and heard from close quarters to really appreciate.
I changed from being unimpressed and skeptical about the fountain to being fascinated and moved by it.

Its a fabulous work of art- a poem in sound, flickering light and bubbling water.

The water is stirred and stilled by changes in the granite structure - it changes from turbulent to calm: with tranquil stretches, bubbles , gentle ripples, waterfalls and rapids .

The different water sounds and the sparkle of light on water definitely add to the impact of piece.

Its supposed to symbolise the up and down life of Princess Diana - and i think overall it works.

A frosty morning in December might not have been the best time of year to see the fountain since people are welcome to dip their feet in the water.

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Karen said...

Interesting. I had never heard of this fountain before I read about it here.

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