Friday, May 19, 2006


Things have been hectic around here .
My daughter has had to get a dossier ready for her juniour college application so we have been busy, busy, busy filling in forms , going to open days and researching her various options.

She decided that she wants to do a specialised course in applied art so we have been working on that for several weeks ; lots of practise and critiquing of her art work. Its been hard work getting her up to speed, as although she is very talented in art and design [particularly digital artwork] , she has mostly done her own thing , with only a few questions when she wants to know something specific.

For her college portfolio she needed to have collage, drawing and painting with natural media pieces and it turned out that the art teaching she has had at school has been very limited.

Anyway, after a marathon effort she produced some excellent artwork - and we submitted the dossier yesterday, so we are keeping everything crossed that she gets a place.

Now that is finished I will be taking a break and going to Scotland for a few days to visit family.

May is usually a good time to visit scotland as its usually the best weather and everything is green and blossoming.

I have my camera with me and hope to bring back los of interesting photos.

In the mean time i will leave you with some macro photos of strawberries that i took the other day.

I bought the strawberries at the local fruit market. They are from local producers and were amazingly tasty- a real taste of summer.

There is no comparison between real strawberries with the uniform giant red things found in a lot of supermarkets that are force ripened and taste of water and nothing.

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The Tart said...

So beautiful & lush ... yummy!

Big strawberry smooch,
The Tart
; )

Wilf said...

Good luck with the application. The strawberries are the best fruit on earth. We know sumer has arrived when the giant strawberry sign appears in our small market town and we can rush down to the PYO. 'Course raspberries are the Scottish fruit, bit too soon in May though. Have a lovely time and hope the midgies aren't too ferocious.

MargaretR said...

I have visited you blog for the first time and I'm thinking, this is just the sort of work I would like to have on mine. You are very good and have given me something to aim for. Thanks

Alison Ashwell said...

The midgies weren't too bad- probably because of the torrential rain.

I absolutely adore raspberries- and if it had been later in the year we would have been picking them to eat and also make jam. Yummy!