Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo Friday- Home

Its quite appropriate that the photo friday topic was 'home' since I've just come home to Nice from Scotland .

I felt i had to squeeze in an entry for this even though it was towards the end of the photo friday week.

I have always tried to feel at home wherever my kids and husband are based so even though we have just moved to Nice, I do feel at home there. In fact, visiting Antibes seems slightly odd now- despite living there for10 years. It seems i have pulled up my roots and transplanted them to Nice.

I still have a strong connection to Southern Scotland though- especially the Clyde Valley where I grew up. Having a huge extended family living in the area probably helps the homecoming feeling , but i also have a strong connection to the beautiful land itself.

When i was in Scotland i tried to take a photo of my favourite scenery as a child: the fields and orchards and River Clyde that i could see from my bedroom window.

However, a new wood has been planted which means that the exact view isn't easily visible so i had to walk for a couple of minutes along the road to take these photos.

I used to play in these fields- making dens, climbing trees and collecting flowers to make 'perfume'.

The weather was very poor-so lots of rain and wind -but the scenery was beautiful as always.

This is one of the roads that leads down to the River Clyde -it always seemed like the doorway to adventure when i was small.

I was lucky to have had grandparents that had a deep love and knowledge of the natural world and parents who were willing to take my sisters and our friends for walks to explore the local area and collect berries. I don't think I really appreciated it at the time.

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