Saturday, June 03, 2006

Photo Friday- New

I was sure I'd manage to find something suitable for the topic in the photos I took in Scotland.

This is my cousin Yvonne and her husband Munro -a newly married couple, just a week ago today.

It was a bitterly cold day with torrential rain and not helped by the church heating being broken [or at least that's what was said]. Still the bride was absolutely gorgeous and the groom very handsome in his black kilt despite the weather.

Confetti and some bubbles were still flying around when I took the photos. I liked the contrast between Munro's black jacket and Yvonne's white dress.

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honestyrain/ndv said...

i think this is lovely and could be even better with some post processing. i would be really interested in seeing different crops as well such as a tight crop of his hand on the back of her dress. the angle of the hand and that it is so close to the edge of the photo may make it hard for such a crop to work but i'd be interested in seeing it. perhaps in B/W.

Alison Ashwell said...

Good ideas there- i really liked this shot and will probably fiddle with it some more. It was originally bigger so there is scope for playing around - I cropped it tight and took out a couple of stray bits of well wishers.

Wilf said...

I loved the bubbles in this photo. We're off to Scotland in August for a wedding-St Andrews. We'll take time to travel though, from west to east. May even have some sunshine, you never know.