Friday, June 09, 2006

Photo Friday - poverty

I took this photo in Scotland the other week. Buckfast Tonic Wine is a an alcoholic drink made by monks and sold in most places as a pick me up for fairly elderly people.

In the West of Scotland its drunk by the young, poor and hopeless who drink 'buckie' to get absolutely 'blootered' -ie mind numbingly drunk.

'Buckie' is the fuel of fights and stabbings by neds and the odd feature of buckie drinkers is that so many of them still want to drink it when they are of legal age to drink - which is why its often sold by the glass in pubs in poor areas.

Some areas of Scotland have tried to prevent its sale in off-licences but I suppose other cheap alcohol is abused if the 'buckie' supply is cut off.

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1 comment:

marion said...

All your photo is lacking as far as authenticity goes, is vomit, though I'm rather glad it IS missing it. Almost makes you yearn for Wishie and able to smell the blood and urine in the streets....