Friday, June 16, 2006

Photo Friday -Automotive

I'm not really a car lover- I don't drive and don't have any urge to learn.
I can recognise VW Beetles old and new, and 2 CVs and Smart cars but my car identification skills for other vehicles are on the lines of red car, blue car or big car, boxy car, little car.

So it was a sheer fluke that i had anything suitable for the topic. Both the photos were taken in rainy Scotland the other week.

I suppose it shows the extremes of hire cars that are popular at the moment in Scotland for celebrations such as weddings and Prom nights.

This stretch Humvee was parked outside the Police station. What a monster of a car - I'd never seen anything like it before.

This is a vintage [1930s?] Beauford convertible that my cousin hired for her wedding day - a lovely deep blue colour. A pity the top had to stay up becuase of the heavy rain and biting cold.
I cropped in on the headlamps - i think i am the person on the right reflected in the chrome. I think this is the only time I appear in any of the photos from the wedding.

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1 comment:

frank h said...

the beaufort is so beautiful!
what a design

the humvee? - mmmm, for very 'rare' people... no with me