Friday, June 09, 2006

Up above the world so high

I always like to take photos if i get a chance when flying. On the flight from Nice to Luton the weather was pretty clear and we had a good view of the mountains and valleys -which look quite different when mostly snow free.

The window wasn't as clean as it could have been but the photos turned out ok.

It would be nice to be able to find out what hills and valleys are in the pictures but unfortunately i don't have a clue [apart from it being scenery north of Nice].

I was impressed with this very long valley stretching off to the blue-grey mountains.

A shallower vally in the higher country. The mountains are closer now and some snowy caps are just visible.
The scenery here was quite dramatic and so different with the light dusting of snow and the dark rocks and cliffs.

Jack Frost at work on the plane windows.

I wasn't sure if I'd manage to get any decent photos as I knew from experience that the frost doesn't last long on these short flights. However on this flight, the frost developed really well

A macro shot of the frost which was on the point of disappearing again .
The intense cobalt blue sky colour always amazes me. The frost had almost disappeared by the time we reached the northern coast of France.

I think this is the close to the delta of the Somme river , made famous by the World War 1 battle

This is a photo of the same river delta showing the huge amounts of sediment and mud flats

After passing the French coast the clouds thickened and the fasten seat belt sign came on so no more sky photos. The sky was too rainy and cloudy and dark on the other three flights for taking photos.
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You've got some wonderful shots here.