Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photo Friday- portrait

This is a photo pf my son, taken about four years ago at ArchaeolinkPrehistory Park near Aberdeen, Scotland.

He was holding one of the war shields, pretending some stalks of grass were a sword and putting on a warrior face.

The Archaeolink Park is well worth a visit if you're in the area. There are ancient houses and workshops, and ancient crafts and skills to try out as well as special events.

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natural attrill said...

Thanks for that link, the medieval craft courses look good. We went to a castle in Wales and the guide told us how they did things in "those" days. Toby came home and had a go at baking fruit by wrapping it in clay and putting it in our open fire in the living room. It didnt work though, fruit was not edible!!

Nicky said...

There is nothing like the imagination of a child!

jafabrit said...

Hi you are on dr.john's list today to visit. I love living history museums and this one looks fab. I used to live (I am a geordie born and raised) near a really good one called Beamish.


Chana said...

good morning. i'm here via Dr. John, he has made you the link of the day.

what a cute boy, i realize by now he is much older but i'm sure just as adorable. Scotland? wow, i wish that was in my area...hopefully someday.

kristi said...

I am over from Dr. Johns are his recommended visit today. Looks like a neat park of course it is sort of a long day trip for me to get there!!

QuillDancer said...

Hi, Dr. John sent me, too --

Your son looks quite fierce in this pic -- has he any acting ambitions?

Alison Ashwell said...

Penny- i've never heard of baking fruit in clay - just hedgehogs and i seem to reemmber reading somehwere about fish. I wonder if it was a particular kind of clay.

Nicky- my son has a particularly well devel0ped imagination =)

Jafabrit- Beamish is an amazing place to visit. I visited a long time ago but i find living history museums fascinating . I think you can learn a lot in a short time.

Chana- yes he is cute -even at 12-though he probably wuldn't like me to say that. lol

Kristi- I think the Archaeolink park is quite difficult to get to even within Scotland -though its worth a detour.

quilldancer- I don't think he has any acting ambitions but he is very interested in living history and i think he'd like to join a a Viking or Celtic renactment group when he is older.