Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Storm

People tend to think of the French Riviera as being a constantly sunny place but we get a lot of storms, even in the summer.
The electrical surges when the lightning flashes make the uninterruptible power supplies boxes bleep-though in our old house the trip switch would trip and we'd have to stumble downstairs [outside] in the dark to re-set the switch.
The rain is usually impressive during storms -its not uncommon to be soaked literally to the skin.

When we were in La Turbie we saw a huge storm sweeping in from the sea. La Turbie is quite a vantagte point as it is on a hill above Monaco.

Here are the grey clouds gathering over Monaco/Monte Carlo -it started off bright and sunny but the visiblity dropped rapidly as the clouds swept in.

Normally the view of Monaco is much clearer.

Looking past Monaco towards Menton you can see the clouds have thickened.The hills were starting to disappear under the clouds.
It almost looks like winter - although the air temperature was still very warm-this was only about 3 in the afternoon,so a long time before sunset.
The rain started pelting down once we were on the bus.

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Sue said...

Ahhh...Monte Carlo...happy memories of Grand Prix; a long time ago now, mind. Great photos, it looks really moody and mean up there!

natural attrill said...

Weather is amazing isnt it, can so beautiful and powerful and scarey sometimes too. P.

Nicky said...

Stunningly moody and dramatic photos, Alison.

Sandra said...

beautiful! i love thunderstorms and we never get them where i have moved to. seeing your photos makes me think that i should get a few posters or a calendar of such, just so i can go catch the mood again once in a while.

found you by way of martians intro post. your comment about your photos caught my attention. beautiful shots of insects. nice blog, i will be back. have a nice day! :)