Friday, September 29, 2006

Photo Friday- Anger

I wasn't sure i had anything fitting the topic, Anger. I think I tend to avoid topics like that, on the whole.

Then I remembered a photo I'd taken of a crabby swan pecking at a juvenile swan. Swans are usually very serene looking birds but when they are angry, they can be very agressive.

During nesting season, they will sometimes drive away other birds, animals and even people. Some swans will attack canoes, rowing boats and jet skis if they intrude on the swan's territory.

Their large wingspan and considerable weight [15 kilos, over 30lbs] makes them quite formidable if they are in a bad mood.

We were told as kids that an angry swan could break someones arm , though I don't know of anyone that ever happened to. I suppose it was intended to make us back away if a swan ever started hissing at us.

The same swans in a more relaxed mood.

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Gattina said...

Nice swans and it looks really angry. I am in for the second time, joined last week. Going through the list there is very old stuff from 2004 and had nothing to do with the theme. Am a little disappointed or angry ? Just as the cats on my blog !

Alison Ashwell said...

Sometimes the odd images can be interesting if the person makes an effort to explain why they are posting something unusual, although there are a great many people who seem to post whatever image comes to ahnd first.

I found this site the other day -it is a site 'outing' people who post random images to things like photo friday.

Caribbean Colors said...

I'm stumped for "anger" on photo friday this week. I guess I'll just skip it. However, I followed your photo meme link and its hilarious. Thanks!

Memes Monitor and Shame, Esq said...

Those Photo Meme Hall of Shame people are crazy. Do not ever draw their notice. If you do, don't stare. They are like rabid dogs. For what it's worth Ms Alison Wonderland, we added you and your friend Caribbean Colors to our Photographers and/or Photoblogs we like list. This is a mixed blessing, because after we tell the world we like you, we scrutinize your every post thereafter for an offender. Ok, maybe every other.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors,

Memes Monitor and Shame, Esq