Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photo Friday- sentimental

I'm not a particularly sentimental person-at least i don't think i am. However, I have hung on to a couple of old primary school projects that I completed between age 8 and 12.

I wouldn't have them in my possession at all if my mum hadn't kept them safe for many years, although I remembered making each one.

This one was a project on the local plants that i worked on when i was 9/10 - everything in the book was collected in the Clyde valley [Scotland] .

I didn't press the flowers and leaves which was a mistake as the moisture soaked into the paper and wrinkled it.

After 30-odd years the leaves have begone to skeletonise and crumble to dust in places. I also used sellotape to stick the items in place and this has gone a yellow-y brown colour. I really need to photograph the whole thing [Scanning isn't an option as it would proabbly accelerate the leaf disintigration] . It is not going to last much longer - every time the book is opened, masses of leaf dust falls out and smells faintly of past summers.

I spent a lot of time researching the plants and quizzing my grandparents about each one [and checking things in the library and I drew the flowers, seeds or berries that I wasn't able to collect.

I think I'm most sentimental about the botanical illustrations that I drew with felt-tip pens. I remember being frustrated by the colour limitations - but they actually look pretty good.
I particularly like the hawthorn flowers and berries.

As a reward for all my hard work, my grampa gave me this book - the AA Book of the British Countryside -the original 1973 edition.

After all these years, its a bit scuffed at the edges but I still use it regularly as a reference book- the information is still a good starting place , even if I end up searching things on the web or in other books too.

I remember how impressed i was by the photo of daisies on the cover - I suspect this has been a hidden inspriation to my photography.

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Maggie said...

Your booklet took me back to my first year at secondary school, would have been age 11. I did something very similar, but with only climbing plants. Sadly I don't have it any more - my mother was always a great one for not keeping any "clutter", which included any art work or anything produced by me.

Bit off topic: When I first started work I was on a pitiably poor salary, so had no choice but to make at least some of my own clothes. My very first effort was a mini skirt in washed out denim. It took me ages to do, and I was quite pleased with it. I went to wear (for only the second time!) and couldn't find it. Turns out my mother THREW IT AWAY! Aaagghh! So hardly surprising she never kept any of my efforts.

Love your description of the leaf dust smelling faintly of past summers. Know exactly what you mean. :-)

Best wishes from Liverpool