Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Photo Friday - growth

My son has been growing some tree seeds as part of a bonsai kit. Amazingly all 4 of the seeds sprouted and are healthy looking mini plants. [We've had zero success with previous attempts to grow trees from seed]
Anyway, I promised him that i'd take a photo of the best one and i tried to get a similar look to some of the palm tree photos I've taken in the past.
It had just been misted, hence the couple of beads of water.

I was in St paul de Vence today and noticed this vineyard under the ramparts. I thought the vines look more like dead sticks planted at regular intervals than bountiful grape producers at the moment. This particularly contrasts with the heavy blossom on the fruit trees and the grey green leaves of the olives in the background.

In a short while though, these dead looking sticks will burst into life and be laden with leaves and later bunches of grapes.

Seeing vines change dramatically like this year after year made me realise why so many green man depictions have vine leaves sprouting from their mouths and eyes; the vine is an amazing example of fertility, new growth and rebirth.

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Maggie said...

Hey, nice tree! :-)

When I was little we used to visit a local farm, and on the way would collect acorns to feed the pigs. I always hung on to a few of the acorns, and would plant them in my mother's flower beds. She could never work out why she had oak seedlings growing in the garden as there weren't any oaks nearby. :-D The power of children in spreading plants! :-)

Your son is doing a grand job on his seedling - what kind of tree is it?

natural attrill said...

Yep, well done to your son for his tree!

jingle said...

Trees are really hard to grown from seed - what is your son's secret?

aqoona said...

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Alison Ashwell said...

Maggie- I used to plant hawthorn berries - I think my parents were bamboozzled too.
I'm not sure what kind of tree he is growing - the packet had a label saying japanese tree seeds -so its myseterious at the moment.

Jingle- he put the seeds in the fridge to simulate winter and was really patient with them . I think on previous attempts the urge to plant them has overcome us by about a week.

aqoona- have you any idea what kind of tree we are growing?