Monday, April 23, 2007

Photo Friday- The country

I started writing a post based on a panorama i made some photos from my visit to Saint Paul de Vence. Its quite pretty [ I'll probably post it later this week ] but I decided that it was a bit tame.

So last night I decided that I would like to visit some less tame scenery and here are some of the few photos of the countryside.

As usual I concentrated mainly on the plant and insect life - I suppose I get caught up in the joy of being outside, enjoying the rich smells of resin and aromatic plants, and the view is just part of the whole scene and so I end up taking very few photos of the place itself.

This the the view from the Parc Naturel Départemental de la Grande Corniche [at the Plateau de la Justice part of the park ].

The natural park is about 660 hectares in area [over 1600 acres] and takes in land from the communes of the La Trinité, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Eze et La Turbie.

The pink flowers in the foreground are grey-leaved cistus Cistus albidus . There were masses of these plants in bloom today and lots of insects taking advantage of the pollen.
This is actually the view from the busstop beside closest to the park [the terminus for the ligne d'azur bus number 82 Nice-Eze-Plateau de la Justice]. Its quite impressive. The foreground plants here were thistles but they were really just in bud.

Another view from the bustop . The mountains here and the sea views from Eze were very hazy today but it was really a lovely day.

Since i've been home Gandalf the cat has been acting as if my clothes and shoes and bag are covered in catnip. I'm not sure which scent is attracting him so immensely -but he was sniffing excitedly then blissing out as he rolled over and dozed and then started the sniff-high-dose cycle again. Its a much more intense reaction than to catnip for him.

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Sue said...

Fab photos Alison, very Cezanne-ish the countryside there.

natural attrill said...

Does valerian grow anywhere where you have been? one of cats used to go dippy after smelling it!

blueVicar said...

A kitty drunk on the smells of the outdoors...gotta love it!

Meilleurs voeux!!

Caribbean Colors said...

Lovely photos as always.