Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring flower borders

A lot of towns in this area spend a lot of time and effort [and money] on flower borders and hanging baskets and other kinds of planted floral displays.

The flowers hardly seem to be planted and flowering before they are uprooted and changed to something else and most of the towns here take part in a France-wide competition designed to promote green spaces and a nicer envoronment for locals and tourists.

Apparently around one in 3 towns take part in the competition.
Nice and Antibes both won a 4 flower grand prize last year which means they are entitled to display a sign at the entry points showing the 4 flower sign.

Inside the tulips - the stamens are the male parts of a flower -are the yellow and black stalk things made up of filament and dark brown anthers [which carrry the pollen] and the central yellow thing with the knobbly end is the pistil [the female part].

This photo reminds me a lot of some of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings.

I'm not sure what this is- a small cheery daisy-ish thing. I liked how it was stained with dusty marks where the irrigation system had left water beads. Its the small red flower in the yellow and pink tulip photo above; which gives an idea of the scale.

These seem to be some kind of garden type Forget-me-nots with very short stems.
Very pretty blue and lots of flowers framed nicely by the slightly hair green leaves but I think like the wild spindly plants better.

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natural attrill said...

Hello, I like the fluffyness you have achieved in the chicks on your banner. I am gearing myself up to trying out digi artwork. Did you get that soft effect in photoshop? or do you use painter?

Alison Ashwell said...

Hi Penny - I use both programmes but only Painter for actual painting.

I'll write you an email direct about it