Saturday, May 12, 2007

Photo Friday - Amber

I'm quite fond of amber jewellery and have owned quite a few bits and pieces over the years -but I seem to lose it almost as fast as I aquire it. So i couldn't find any to take a photo of.

I came across this photo of a honey bee , taken last summer that seemed to work for the Photo Friday topic. All the colours in the photo are possible colours of the fossilised resin [although true green amber is rare and most of the green amber used in jewellery has been heat treated. ]

When i was a kid i wanted to own a piece of amber with an insect or spider embedded in it but these pieces aren't cheap -though not as rare or expensive as the tree frogs or lizards which have been sold for huge sums [over 30,000$]

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natural attrill said...

That frog is amazing!