Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo Friday - Large

My daughter hidden behind a large icecream sundae in a cafe in Ventimiglia [Italy]. It didn't look so enormous on the menu and it wasn't the largest dessert suggestion -though I suspect the really huge ones were intended to be shared.

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Magpie Magic said...

I remember that day. :-) It was raining and we were sitting under a parasol and the ice cream was pure delight. Nobody makes ice cream like the Italians! A lovely day!

Like the new banner, very summery and light, and the bees are so cute!


natural attrill said...

Delicious looking ice cream!

allweneedislove said...

that's the most amazing looking ice cream sundae i have ever seen! your blog has a very lovely feeling about it, not least of all the lovely illustration on the header.

if you get a chance, please come and see us at our project page..we want to bring lots of people together and create a warm fuzzy feeling under the musical banner...ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!! and if it inspires you to doodle as well as download and sing along even better!!!