Sunday, September 30, 2007

Photo Friday - comfort

Last week was very stormy and the wheel of the seasons has definitely turned to autumn. The leaves are turning yellow and brown and soon they will be whisked away by the winds.

There is a chilly dampness in the early morning or evening air, even though the middle of the day can still be warm and sunny.

I think that thick, dark, hot chocolate is the perfect comfort drink when the wind is howling and the rain crashing down.

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Caribbean Colors said...

Yummy. I've really gotten out of the habit of posting photos and illustration, but you've inspired me to keep working on it.

radiogirl said...

Hot chocolate is my favorite beverage in the world. I used to drink it every day, year-round, but now I've switched to iced coffee in the summer, which makes autumn and chilly weather and hot chocolate seem even more special.

natural attrill said...

That looks delicious, almost like an expresso coffee, I have never had a hot chocolate that looks like that.

Sharon said...

mmm... what good comfort food. One of the reasons I love drab weather is being to find reasons to curl up with a blanket and a good book or movie, or to drink wonderfully warm and tasty things.


Alison Ashwell said...

This hot chocolate is made with melted dark chocolate, slightly thinned and whipped with a teeny bit of vanilla -its really thick and chocolaty.

People who like hot chocolate to be thinner and milky get given a small jug of frothy milk so they can adjust the hot chocolate to suit themselves.