Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The Nice tramway project has been a massive disruption to the centre of Nice for a couple of years. However, the trams are at last running -though its only for practice at the moment.

The tramway is supposed to be officially starting in about 6 weeks time so I hope the finishing touches can be done on schedule.

Seeing the new gleaming trams gliding on the rails is quite exciting -at the moment people stand and watch as the trams go by. I suppose there was probably a similar reaction when the the previous tramway was built at the end of the 19th century.

Unfortunately , this old tramway stopped around 1950 due to the expanding bus network - I suppose Nice has now gone full circle in terms of public transport.

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Anonymous said...

Hi--my name is Bridget and I just wanted to let you know that I'll be looking at your blog periodically for a writing course that I'm taking. You don't need to respond, I just wanted to tell you. Thanks!

natural attrill said...

We've got trams in Manchester too.

Tiago said...

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Sharon said...

I bet you are really happy it's almost running. Here in America we don't have as many trams and public transportation as I would like. I like the image you posted of the tram, I hope it runs smoothly takes you many exciting places.

bluevicar said...

Hi Allison,

Love the Halloween header! I'm remembering that we first crossed paths by blog last Halloween when it turned out that you were in Antibes for the day and spotted the three of us roaming around. Small world!

Hope all goes well with you. I'm missing France but Colorado is nice too. Can't wait to hear about the trams when they are running and you can ride them!

Meilleurs voeux!!