Friday, December 16, 2005

Depth of Field -Photo Friday

I've been away in England for a week s0 wasn't able to take part in the Photo Friday or Illustration Friday challenges.

This week's Photo Friday topic is Depth of field. I remembered a series of photos I'd taken at the end of october which were experiments with the depth of field

The plant is Solanum nigrum, Black nightshade - a relative of deadly nightshade [belladonna]. The Nightshade family has been extensively used by humans for medicines , poisons and food [tomato, potato, aubergine/eggplant]. Even the food plants contain toxic alkaloids in parts of the plant such as leaves , berries and flowers -but the tubers and roots are generally free of toxins.

Here are some black nightshade berries - the ripe berries are thought to be less toxic than the green berries but should be avoided anyway. Children have been poisoned by eating sveral of the black berries after mistaking them for blackberries or black currants.

An unripe berry is visible in the top right. The black and yellow bug is probably a shield bug of some kind.

The black nightshade flowers are very similar to teh flowers of other nightshade plants 0 eg potato or deadly nightshade- though they are usually white.

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