Saturday, December 17, 2005

Flying over mountains

My flight to London last week was weird since a passenger wanted to get off when we we were already at the runway and about to take off.

She was supposed to be in excruciating back pain but since she bounded down the cabin like a gazelle and had absolutely no signs of pain or back problems , i think this was an excuse and she just had a fear of flying.

I daresay the pilot was concerned that she might have freaked out in flight and been a safety problem -but i think most of the passengers would have cheerfully sat on her till we got to Luton if it meant the plane had taken off on time.

Of course, a passenger leaving the plane meant that the flight was delayed by an hour and all the baggage had to be removed and additional security checks were needed , to make sure she hadn't left anything dangerous on board.

Things seemed even more odd when it turned out that several passengers were in Mediaeval costume -but no one else seemed to bat an eyelid when Ophelia and Juliet and Nurse lookalikes went through Passport control.

I took these photos flying over the Alps on my flight from Nice to London.
It was a brilliantly clear and crisp day so the view was fantastic. Also the plane window was remarkably clean so there wasn't too much dirt to try and peer through.

The Alps near Grenoble poking through the clouds.

The Alps look like a crumpled linen table cloth from some viewpoints

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Judith HeartSong said...

I have not yet seen the Alps... would love to. The Rocky Mountains look much like your crumpled tablecloth metaphor as well...... so hard to appreciate how massive they are from the air!

Caroline said...

I love those photos - I've always sat by scratchy windows!

Alison Ashwell said...

Judith - I'd love to visit The Rockies - they are always so fabulous looking in films.

Caroline- It was a first for me to find a clear window on a plane!

Dana said...

The pictures are gorgeous! I would love to go to Europe some day.

Andrea said...

airplane photos are grand! bravo!