Monday, December 26, 2005


We live close to the Mediterranean Sea, so although the nights can get quite bitter and cold, we rarely see frost or snow as the sea tends to have a warming effect.

A little further inland there are regular hard winter frosts and of course, the Alps are fairly closeby and glittery white with snow each year. However, I still miss the sound of boots crunching over frozen grass, on crisp blue mornings in Scotland.

I was pleased to see some frost in London the other week and managed to take a few photos in Kensington Gardens -though there wasn't a great deal of time.

Here are some of last years waterplants at the side of the lake. The water droplets are semi frozen and the lake itself was very cool but ice-free. A little green shoot pokes out - it might wither with the harder frosts of January.

The droplets had some ice crystals just visible inside and i think they had half melted from being completely frozen in the night.

The frost shows up the leaf veins

A frosted maple leaf.

A close up of crisply frozen grass

This leaf was stunning - the frost made a perfect lacy edging of ice

The frost almost looks like white fur over this leaf.

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Bec said...

Great photo of the frost on the leaf. I wish we had cold Christmas's down here in Australia.

constanthing said...

Wow, the frost patterns are beautiful. Hope you've had a great Christmas and I look forward to more of your beautiful and really informative posts in 2006!

isay said...

lovely photographs. i like best the crisply frozen grass.

there's some snow over here since yesterday.

by the way, thanks for the wonderful greeting star! so cool!

. said...

I love ice, it is really beautiful the way it can tranform things.

It really makes for good photographs.

Wonderful pics.

Happy New Year!

Holly said...

Lovely photos. I also love the solstice banner. Well done. Have a happy and creative new year.

asdsdfdfgfgh said...

Fantastic pictures of the frost. I love frosty mornings - I ride a bike to work, so I get extremely cold, but it's often worth it for the clear blue sky and crunchy ground :)

fin said...

Gorgeous ice calligraphy.