Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween has been very quiet this year. Usually, we have a Halloween party with plenty of kids playing traditional games and dressing up. This year , Halloween seems to have crept up on us without warning.

We have had a lot of visitors this autumn, so maybe that is part of the reason why we have been so unprepared.

Also, the weather is still warm and sunny most of the time , so it doesn't seem like autumn at all.

My kids went out yesterday dressed up to go 'trick or treating' in Antibes after they visited the orthodontist. I'm not sure the orthodontist would have said that collecting bags of sweets is the ideal passtime straight after a dental appointment-but I suppose its a once a year thing, after all.

Halloween has fluctuated in popularity here. When we first came 10 years ago, Halloween was unheard of [except for Horror films]. So we had to persuade people that it was not a horror fest.

After a few years, Halloween became quite popular and shops started buying in Halloween disguises and decorations and lots of towns put on activities and parades for children. Two or 3 years ago things went quiet- there were articles in the French press and opposition from church about bring in foreign festivals.
Now , Halloween seems to be rumbling along quietly with a lot of shops giving out sweets and stickers to disgusied children. [Unlike in Scotland , kids here go from shop to shop rather than from house to house to collect their 'Halloween' bounty]

I had some fun yesterday making some paper dolls/ dress-up teddies for Halloween

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blueVicar said...

We were out roaming the streets of Antibes yesterday afternoon so we could see all the trick-or-treaters. Do you remember passing a woman wearing a tiger tail and ears, a teen girl wearing all orange and black, and a man wearing a bird mask? If so, it was us!

I'm out reading Halloween related posts by expatriate bloggers...and putting the links to them on my blog.

Meilleurs vœux!

sarala said...

I found your blog off of blogexplosion. I like it much better than most of what gets posted on the site. Good work and nice photos. I'll look for you again.