Friday, November 03, 2006

Photo Friday- Light

Since the topic this week is 'light' , I thought it would be seasonal to post some pictures of turnip lanterns.

In Scotland, its easy to buy large turnips or swedes to make reasonable sized turnip lanterns roughly the size of a soccer ball.
However, here in France, turnips are very small - so it can take a lot of searching around the fruit and veg shops to get turnips [navet] that are large enough to carve and hold even a tea-light candle.

In fact, every year I choose the larger orange-sized turnips on offer [which are still tiny by Scottish standards] , the assistants point out that they not taste as nice as the sweet miniature ones which are about the size of a plum.
They still give off a pretty orange light -especially when grouped -and the smell of gently roasting turnip is one of my main memories of halloween.

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natural attrill said...

Beautiful orange glow in the second photograph.

have earrings arrived ok?

Atyllah said...

Oh wow, those are lovely - the colour of the light is quite exquisite.

blueVicar said...

They are fantastic...what a neat idea. I'll have to start looking at all vegetables with a different eye...could this be carved and illuminated?

Meilleurs vœux!