Sunday, November 19, 2006

Storms and clouds

The clouds have been impressive recently -especially at sunset.

I wish I knew more about cloud formations - I bought a book about the different types of clouds but I still find it hard to differentiate between them.
I still find clouds fascinating- especially at sunrise and sunset. I think their diversity is inspiring -even though there are often cloud formations and weird colours that would look totally unbelievable if they were painted.
These were all taken in the evening in the past few days - I'm not sure if the red or orange -tinged clouds count as a red sky in the weather lore ' red sky at night, shepherd's delight' or whether the whole sky is meant to turn red.

The fading sunlight lighting up clouds as seen over the rooftops of Nice- or at least our neighbour's roof.
Until Friday, the weather here was very warm and sunny- unseasonably so for November.
On Friday the heavens opens and we had a massive thunder and lightning storm.

The wind was so strong that the water was forced through the gaps in the window frames, and opening the windows to shut the shutters resulted in a soaked head, arms and floor. It was like someone repeatedly throwing buckets of water at the windows.

Gandalf, our new kitten was quite upset by the storm. He was disturbed by the lightning and the claps of thunder and then he was puzzled by the darkness when the shutters were shut.
After the storm was over he slept and slept and slept.

This is of course a gratuitous sleeping cat photo.

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natural attrill said...

I love clouds, could sit and gaze at them for hours. Your photos are beautiful, lovely colours, though nothing is as good as seeing the real moving clouds!

isay said...

great shots! i like my bedroom because i can the clouds moving while lying on bed.

i like the cat picture a lot!