Sunday, June 01, 2008

Collared dove chick

A couple of weeks ago a collared dove chick landed on a bar at our window. He was big enough to flutter his small wings but not fully confident in flight -so he was quite lucky to have landed on the ledge rather than the street 5 stories below.

Our cat ,Gandalf , has a love/hate relationship with the nearby birds - he loves to watch them from the windowsill but he finds their swooping and fluttery wings quite scary.

Gandalf soon spotted the chick - he could hear the faint cries of distress and I think he felt the chick was within his league.

He tried to reach up as high as he could but was not quite long enough -the chick seemed oblivious to the intrepid hunter behind the glass.

After a while, Gandalf got bored, and the chick's parents came and encouraged it to land on the ledge that runs around our apartment block. It survived, and seems to have almost reached adult size now.
This is what it will look like eventually -quite a change from a small bundle of grey feathers.

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Magpie Magic said...

Lovely picture. The first one looks like one of those pictures you find in 'coffee table books'. The story behind it is fun too.

Gandalf is a really sweet cat. :-)