Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Photo Friday - minimalism

Minimalism can mean a lot of different things -in this case its related to how I took the photo rather than the photo subjects.

I have been interested in digiscoping for a while after reading about it on a few nature type blogs.
Digiscoping is using a spotting scope of some kind [including binoculars ] instead of a long camera lens.

The idea behind digiscoping was originally to save weight by reducing the amount of gear people needed to carry with them and also to reduce expense because long lenses suitable for bird photos can be prohibitively expensive.

Anyway, this is a digiscoped photo of some yellow legged gulls - using a 10x50 monocular and my Canon A720is camera -camera and monocular are both handheld -no tripods or adapters.

The chick has grown immensely on a diet of fish provided by both parents. Initially, it was a tiny bundle of fluff with long legs sticking out the bottom. Since this photo was taken the other day, the chick has had another growth spurt and its adolescent wing feathers are starting to grow.

As far as digiscoping is concerned, I'm quite pleased with the results so far -it certainly extends the range of my camera well beyond the add-on 2x teleconverter lens and with reasonable results.

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Magpie Magic said...

It's looking good. Nice detail and it's cool to watch the little gull growing. :-)