Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo Friday - movement

I decided that these photos of a Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres [in breeding/summer plumage] would be good for the photo friday entry 'movement'.

The birds were not easy to photograph as they spent so much time bobbing their heads up and down in the water and turning stones over to find small creatures to eat. This movement is how they acquired the name 'turnstone'.

I had never seen them before until a couple of months back at Brixham harbour in Devon, England.
I managed to grab a shot of this one in a rare moment of stillness - I took quite a few photos but most were awful as the bird moved so fast and unpredictably.

This one was splashing and shaking off the water -I was quite pleased with how the water droplets came out given that it was raining heavily when i took the photos.

It seems that these birds can be long-lived- the average is about 9years and the longest living ruddy turnstone was over 19 when it died.

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Magpie Magic said...

Cool pictures as always. Love the way their colouring blends in with the background and the way the water ripples around them. Great photos. Thanks for the explanation for their name as well. I love details like that.