Sunday, May 29, 2005

Death of Sharkey

Goldfish in tank
One of the goldfish died today, hence the tank drawing. We had had the white and yellow gold fish for a few years so it was pretty sad to see him declining so quickly over the last few days.
Yesterday the ordinary goldfish tried to prod Sharkey into moving , very gently bumping him and trying to make him rise up to the surface for food. It seemed quite unusual behaviour and today Goldie has been very subdued and quiet after Sharkey left the tank, spending most of today hiding by the plant. However, he cheered upwhen he was given some frozen worms.

Goldfish certainly don't have a 2 second memory since they recognise the 'food givers' and do a little dance when folk approach the tank and they always seem to grieve for a few hours if they have been matey with a tankmate.

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