Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Huge new TV

Huge TV.
Our old TV died and although we rarely watch TV, we do watch videos and DVds. So we went out at the weekend to buy a new one. There were some enormous TVs in the shop and we ended up getting one which seemed only a little bigger than the old one but widescreen format.
Anyway , the TV arrived yesterday and the two men bringing the box up the stairs were having difficulty negotiating round corners.
When the box was opened, the TV turned out to be about twice the size of the old one so putting it on the old stand was out of the question. [see silly picture]
Luckily we have a very sturdy coffee table made out of a chunk of tree trunk and that was exactly the right size.

The kids were amazed at how huge the TV seemed in comparsion with the old one.
The sounds and picture quality are very good and certainly loads better than the old one.
Its probably still not very large in widescreen TV terms , but for us its a giant =-)

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