Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Illustration Friday, Envy

Illustration Friday Envy
Finished this today - I found this a really hard topic. I finally decided to use some characters i'd already created and put them in a different situation; in this case sunflower envy.
The topic probabaly came to mind because at primary school my butter bean didn't grow very well . LOL.


Anonymous said...

hehe, aww. one day her sunflower will grow even bigger and better. :)


Perriette said...

I like your illustration. Very nicely done.

btw: Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my site. And I love the ladybug on your page.

Oh, and I just now notice you call yourself "Alison Wonderland" - great. Love Alice. Did you see my Alice on my site? Should take a peek. hee hee

Alison Ashwell said...

Alison Wonderland was my nickname when i was a kid - i think it was something to do with me always having my nose buried in a book lol
I'll check out your Alice now...

Dreamjar said...

Lovely - I just wonder where on eart (or is it heaven?) that fortunate little girls is planning to climb to? Is she to get the hen with the golden eggs as well??