Thursday, May 26, 2005

Illustration Friday Aquatic

Illustration Friday Aquatic

My mum had been over from Scotland last week which was really lovely but didn't allow much drawing time .
I finally managed to work on something for Illustration Friday
Aquatic. I had originally been working on something else - a few different something elses but I kept coming back to the angler fish.
I think there is something very wonderful about deep water fish and luminescence and i have to agree that prawns taste delicious =)


Amy said...

Love the luminescent quality of his forehead appendage. What did you use to create this piece?

Ms Elle said...

This is eerie and really effective. I tried to do one of those angler fish too because it kept coming to mind, but mine just looked baaaaad. What DID you use?


Emily said...

Oh, I like this! Very mysterious and haunting...I'd like to know how you did this too.


Alison Ashwell said...

Its quite a long process to write in comments. I'll make a separate post on how i painted this