Tuesday, October 18, 2005

four sunrises in a row

I collect sunrises the way other people save stamps .
I've been lucky enough to live beside the sea and have the priviledge of seeing the sunrise frequently during the winter [usually while taking my kids to school] .

I am not by any means a morning person - and with chronic insomnia i am very much a night owl, however that doesn't mean that i forget about the beauty of the sunrise.

It shocks me that people can walk past this awe inspiring spectacle without a sideways or upward glance. Even seeing people taking photos of the sunrise doesn't seem to rouse people from their tunnel vision.

I don't always wait for the sun to fully rise - i just like to get a flavour of the sunrise when i can. This sunrise was very cloudy so the sun itself was unlikely to appear , however the flame orange light was dramatic and brooding.
You can see that despite the deep orange glow; the street lighting and lighting around the port was still functioning.

This was an almost cloud free morning - and more of a baby blush colour than the drama we see with clouds and threatening rain.
The sun is just about visible through the yacht masts in the first picture.

The sun very definitely making an appearance.
Another day, another sunrise. Some flecks of clouds across the sky; delicate , like the inside of shells. The cloud was very thick across the sea so this was some of the sunlight pinking up the free areas of sky.

This morning, the sky was covered in thick cloud but somehow some intense colour was esacaping; bathing the sky in lilac and peach light.
It was the sort of light landscape painters dream of, in fact, the kind of light that drew so many famous artists to the French Riviera.

Clouds, through the trees, looking like cotton wool dipped in pastel inks.


Kitchen Window Woman said...

A beautiful collection! I savor sunrises, sunsets, and tiny changes in the light but I am not gifted with a camera like you are. I always look forward to such visual moments.

constanthing said...

I collect pictures of cloud formations outside my window like the way you collect sunrises. I think they are real awesome works of nature.

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Dread Pirate Robert said...

I try to walk the dog just when the sky is turning pink. Today, alas, it was all grey and wet. And the sun is rising later...

Thanks for the factoid about Artemis, too!