Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tags and accidental Vandemar activity

Recently i've had a few folk tagging me to do some bloggery list things - Emily
though i wasn't sure how to work out that one, Joli Noir Perle and Constant Thing.
Anyway, here goes:

20 random things

I have synaesthesia which means i can taste some sounds and certain colours and textures and hear some colours .
I didn't realise this was odd until relatively recently.
I'm ambidextrous
I don't drive
chewing gum revoltes me
I am really messy
I can read upside down
People always assume i'm a vegetarian or vegan
Strangers tell me all about their illnesses and hidden secrets
I've seen the Northern Lights
I hate shopping for clothes and loathe shoe shopping even more.
I really dislike clothes hangers
I love watching the sunrise
If i don't paint for a while i get withdrawal symptoms.
I have really bad vertigo
Fortean phemonena have always fascinated me particularly the idea of spontaneous human combustion.
I feel at home underwater
I try to take my camera with me everywhere.
Insects and parasites fascinate me [see photos below]
I last ate bread in 1999 [allergy to grains]

The idea of these things is to pass them on however i think just about everyone will have already done these- so anyone who wants to write about some random stuff plus Sybille ,

I have been trying to catch some flies on camera recently but had been thwarted by some strong winds recently that meant the fly flew before i managed to get a decent shot of it.

Today has been cold and wet and i noticed that a couple of small flies [under one centimetre] had taken refuge in our house by the window.
So i had to try and take some photos.

I was quite pleased with how things were going , when i accidently squished the fly and it dropped dead. Normally flies are pretty robust so maybe it was already fragile.
I had already been thinking about Mr Vandemar and Mr Croup and 'peepers and tarrywags' as somehow the idea of these blog tags started off taht chain of thought, so the it was really rubbed in , or should i say rubbed out, when the fly dropped dead.

Still I took some more photos of the corpse and let the friend escape out the window.

The wings were magnificent with rainbow shimmers on the transparent parts.

You can see the hairs on its body quite well. I'd like to photograph some blue or green bottles but they don't seem to be around at the moment after being incredibly annoying all summer.

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