Sunday, October 30, 2005


I was feeling a bit depressed and sorry for myself the other day. Nothing seemed to be going right and it would have been so much easier to just give up on what i was trying to do - still i was determined not to give in - I'd worked too hard to give up.

As soon as i'd decided this it seemed that everything started to go right - in fact it was a bit like suddenly being in a musical since the sun came out and there were rainbows everywhere.
I took some photos of the rainbows to prove to myself that it had really happened.

I wasn't sure if the rainbows would come out as clearly as i could see them but they turned out really well.


Doris said...

OH those did come out way cool! I love it when you can capture things like that on film!

marion said...

Did you find the gold though? - great photos!

Jeff said...

God has such beautiful ways of reminding us that each day has something to be thankful for.

isay said...

it is indeed a beautiful photo. by the way, nice banner and i am sorry i was late in replying....i am sure you will be up to a lot of banner changing!