Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Snail shells

Snail shells facinate me - maybe becuase of their spiral shape or maybe just because i like snails.

Here are a few that i've come across in the last few days. I saw a lot of snails, easily 50 or so, stuck to one plant but they were through a fence and not easy to photograph, which was a pity.

This large snail was stuck to quite a feeble looking twig. I'm surprised that it managed to stay in place as there was a reasonable wind at the time i took this photo.
This large snail was just sitting on some gravel - not a particularly safe place to park oneself , I'd have thought. I took this photograoh in the late afternoon which is why the shell casts a lareg shadow. The spiral twisting on the shell was very noticeable on this shell. I moved this snail off the path out of harm's way.

This snail was stuck halfway up a rusting fence. The rust and brown markings on the shell really appealed to me.

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Yolanda said...

Cool snail shots. My 3 year old is quite impressed by the pictures (as am I) :)