Tuesday, November 08, 2005

mountains and rainbow

Now that the clocks have gone back for winter time, I'm not around early enough for the first rays of the dawn. However, its still an interesting quality of light - often things are lit with beautiful gold, lilac and peach tones.

If the sky is fairly clear and there isn't much mist then the Alps are hazily visible , off in the distance. The first patches of snow are visible - its much more interesting with the naked eye since it seems to act like a mirror and shimmer in the early morning light, but i think these photos give some sort of idea.

Even a few minutes can change the light effects dramtically- and a few minutes after that things have turned to normal and the mountains seem to recede.

Later in the day my son rushed in with the news that there was a rainbow right over the house.
I've cropped out the roof and aeirals and things that made the picture really busy and the rainbow difficult to see. I've never seen a rainbow right above my head before - however there were no leprechauns in sight.

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Alina Chau said...

COOOL photos!! Love the rainbow photo!! WOW!! How do you get the rainbow!! AWESOME!